Open Letter From DC37 Workers

Dear RTW and Local 100 Members,

As low paid municipal workers in DC 37 Local 384, we were all disgusted by the hypocritical and racist ravings about “selfish,” “thuggish” transit workers and the other divide and conquer tactics the media, bosses and politicians used against your strike. We know that any attacks the bosses get away with on a powerful union like Local 100 they will certainly aim at us next. So we paid close attention to the strike.

RTW is right: this contract must be rejected for the sake of all workers. We know the new healthcare premium will hurt transit workers. But if Local 100 accepts the new premium the bosses will try to stick us with it when our contract expires soon. We can’t imagine how we’ll afford to pay.

The transit strike was inspiring even to some of our coworkers who have been demoralized by years of notoriously corrupt union leaders and deadly contracts. Your strike set an example for all city workers and will continue to do so as you move forward. Don’t allow yourselves to be pushed back!

In Solidarity,

Evelyn, Carol, Mark & John, DC37 Local 384 Members