Revolutionary Transit Worker No. 40

Supported by the League for the Revolutionary Party

February 1, 2007

Rejoice, O Ye Union Brethren!
For Our Savior Eliot Spitzer Hath Won!

Know ye all that Roger Toussaint and his Executive Board last year endorsed, and funded with members’ dues, the candidacy of Eliot Spitzer for governor. Since Spitzer won a glorious victory in November, we must have cause to celebrate. Let us review all we have to be thankful for.

Spitzer issued the MTA’s injunctions against our Local during the 2005 strike as well as in 1999 and 2002. We are grateful that he is no longer Attorney General and thus can issue no more.

Spitzer fought for a $3 million fine against the union and the removal of dues check-off. And he had Roger thrown in jail because of our strike. But Lo! He has appointed to the state’s highest court Judge Theodore Jones, who as judge of the Brooklyn Supreme Court imposed these very fines and this very jailing. We give thanks that this villain is now out of the way.

During his campaign, Brother Spitzer promised to close many hospitals across the state and to cut workers’ compensation costs. As Governor he has already moved to implement such promises. We praise him as a man whose word can be trusted, even though it be the workers’ hand that he hath bitten off.

Above all we thank our beloved leader Roger Toussaint for delivering usinto – sorry, from – evil.