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The Dirty Truth
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Revolutionary Transit Worker

Revolutionary Transit Worker is a bulletin for TWU Local 100. This bulletin is supported by the League for the Revolutionary Party (LRP).

Latest RTW to be posted on this site:

RTW No. 63: Decades of Sellouts by Union Tops Helped Lead to Trump - Samuelsen’s Contract Strategy Is a Set-Up for Disaster! January 7, 2017

Stop the Racism! Stop the Attacks on Workers & the Poor! Stop the Fare Hikes Now! RTW No. 62 Supplement, December 5, 2016

Black Lives Matter! But Nothing Has Changed. Where is the Struggle Going?
bulletin by RTW
July 25, 2016

Letters of Support for Transit Workers and Revolutionary Transit Worker – January 2, 2006

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The following links show our long involvement
in TWU/Local 100 Struggles

How we fought against the 2002 contract sellout:

New York: Union Tops Sabotage Transit Struggle – from Proletarian Revolution No. 66 (Winter 2003).

Fighting for revolutionary leadership:

Vote Eric Josephson (Independent Line) for Track Division Vice-Chair! Put New Directions to the Test – But Don’t Trust Them! – November 15, 2000

New Bureaucracy Threatens Workers’ Militancy: Overturn in New York Transit Union – from Proletarian Revolution No. 63 (Fall 2001).

Revolutionary vs. Reformist Methods in the Unions – from Proletarian Revolution No. 63 (Fall 2001).

Eric Josephson for Executive Board Member From Track! – October 1, 2003

RTW 2009 election campaign: Vote for the Candidates of Revolutionary Transit Worker! Toussaint & Co. Must Go, But TBOU Is No Alternative (May 19, 2009)

Response to Spartacist Slanders about RTW

LRP Supporter Wins Transit Union Post

The 1999 contract fight:

Showdown in New York Transit from Proletarian Revolution No. 60 (Winter 2000)

As part of the 1999 contract fight, we issued a series of special bulletins addressed to the TWU Local 100 membership:

Other articles about Local 100:

Real Jobs, Not Workfare – Stop WEP Slave Labor! – Written by a shop steward in the Track Division, May 6, 1999.

New York Transit: No New Direction – from Proletarian Revolution No. 57 (Summer/Fall 1998).

Revolutionary Campaign in New York Transit – from Proletarian Revolution No. 54 (Spring 1997)

Transit Workers Railroaded with Slave-Labor Contract – from Proletarian Revolution No. 53 (Winter 1997)

Local 100 Hacks, Old and New, Play Bosses’ Game – Summer 1996, from Proletarian Revolution No. 52

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