Pamphlets from the LRP and COFI

The Fight Against Imperialist War: Which Way Forward?

Complete transcript of the Debate between the League for the Revolutionary Party and the Spartacist League, May 10 2003, New York City ($5.00)

Marxism, Interracialism, and the Black Struggle

Black liberation through class struggle as the alternative to the failures of integrationism and nationalism. By Sy Landy. ($5.00)

The Politics of War

Articles from Proletarian Revolution, 1980-1997, on Afghanistan and the Gulf War. ($2.00)

Fight Police Terror! PDF

No Support to Capitalism’s Racist Anti-Worker Police! By Evelyn Kaye.

Expanded edition includes What is Proletarian Interracialism? by Sy Landy. ($1.00)

The Specter of Economic Collapse

Articles from Proletarian Revolution, 1983-1998. By Arthur Rymer. ($2.00)

South Africa and Proletarian Revolution

Expanded Edition, by Matthew Richardson ($3.00)

League for the Revolutionary Party versus the Spartacist League

A selection of articles from publications of the League for the Revolutionary Party on the Spartacist League and its politics. ($5.00)

The Spartacist School of Falsification

The League for the Revolutionary Party replies to “Liar’s Vanguard”: compilation of articles, with an introduction by Sy Landy. ($1.00)

LRP vs. ISO: Trotskyism versus Middle Class Opportunism

A compilation of articles and statements ($2.00)

The Nader Hoax

How the “Socialist” Left Promotes a Liberal Who’s Pro-War, Pro-Capitalist, Nationalist, Couldn’t Care Less About Black People, and Is Happy to Have Immigrants Around As Long As They’re Only Cleaning Toilets. (50¢)

The Democratic Party: Graveyard of Black Struggles

by Sy Landy ($2.00)

Haiti and Permanent Revolution

by Eric Nacar ($2.00)

Armed Self-Defense and the Revolutionary Program

(Includes Gun Control Is No Answer to Crime.) By Matthew Richardson (75¢)

Bolivia: the Revolution the “Fourth International” Betrayed

Articles by the Vern-Ryan Tendency, with an introduction by the LRP ($2.00)

“No Draft” Is No Answer!

The Communist Position on Imperialist War ($1.00)

The following sections of this pamphlet are available on this website:
Introduction: What is the Anti-Draft Movement? by Sy Landy and Walter Daum
Imperialists Open Cold War
Carter Doctrine: Cold War and Class War
“No Draft” Is No Answer to War Moves by Sy Landy
A Dialogue on Conscription by Sy Landy
Lenin on Militarism, an excerpt from “The Military Program of the Proletarian Revolution” by V. I. Lenin, written in 1916

What’s Behind the War on Women?

by Evelyn Kaye ($1.00)

The New “Labor Party”: Democratic Party Advocates?

by Bob Wolfe ($1.00)

Propaganda and Agitation in Building the Revolutionary Party

by Matthew Richardson (50¢)

Permanent Revolution and Postwar Stalinism: Two Views on the “Russian Question”

Documents by Chris Bailey of the British WRP and Walter Daum and Sy Landy of the LRP ($3.00)
This pamphlet is available on this site in two sections PDF
A. Theory of Permanent Revolution and Post-War Stalinism by Chris Bailey
B. Permanent Revolution after World War II: Stalinism vs. the Revolutionary Party by Walter Daum and Sy Landy
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Twenty Years of the LRP

by Sy Landy, plus COFI Political Resolution ($1.00)

Religion, the Veil and the Workers’ Movement PDF

On the French “affair of the veil” in 1991, echoed by today’s governmental attack on Muslim women’s rights. ($1.00)
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