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LRP/COFI Recent Postings

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For a Movement that Champions the Cause of Working-Class & Oppressed Women! International Women’s Day Bulletin PDF – March 8, 2017

We Must Build Mass Struggles To Stop Trump’s Attacks, Not Wait Four Years! leaflet by the League for the Revolutionary Party – January 20, 2017

Samuelsen’s Contract Strategy Is a Set-Up for Disaster! Revolutionary Transit Worker No. 63 – January 7, 2017

Stop the Racism! Stop the Attacks on Workers & the Poor! Stop the Fare Hikes Now! Revolutionary Transit Worker No. 62 Supplement – December 5, 2016

Our Contract Struggle Can Win Gains and Help Build a United Fightback! Revolutionary Transit Worker No. 62 – November 15, 2016

The Democrats Delivered Us This Evil: Now Only Mass Struggle Can Beat Back Trump’s Impending Attacks! leaflet distributed by the League for the Revolutionary Party – November 13, 2016