The Life and Death of Stalinism

A Resurrection of Marxist Theory

by Walter Daum

The Marxist analysis of Stalinism that makes today’s events understandable and shows the working-class a way forward.

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A thoughtful, and indeed in many ways, an ideologically exciting book. Whether you accept its main thesis or not, and ... this reviewer does not, it will still challenge your presuppositions and force you to rethink your ideas from top to bottom in the most rigorous way. And unlike most would-be Marxist texts these days, it is written in intelligible English, which is no small gain as well.

Al Richardson, Revolutionary History

The analysis of Stalinism as a "deformed capitalist state" made by Walter Daum is very persuasive. The idea that it was a particular form of state capitalism because of its origins in a defeated workers revolution has much to commend it.... Read this book by all means.... But heed our "health warning." His aim ... is not to give Trotskyism a decent burial: on the contrary, he wants to revive the corpse and give it a facelift.

Communist Review

Read a complete review of the book from Proletarian Revolution No. 37 (Fall 1990).

Materials from the book currently available on this website in HTML format:

The entire book is available as PDF (see PDF’s from LRP/COFI):

Full listing of book contents.

Traducción en español


Prologo a la versión Sueca


capitulo 1, Las contradicciones del capitalismo

capitulo 2, La acumulación de capital

capitulo 3, La transición al socialismo

capitulo 4, La contrarrevolución stalinista

capitulo 5, El capitalismo stalinista

capitulo 6. El stalinismo y el mundo posguerra PDF

capitulo 7. La degeneración del trotskismo PDF

capitulo 8. El colapso del stalinismo PDF

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